Pema: Spectrometers and Spreadsheets

Like yesterday, I went with the team to the Ngozumpa glacier.  Like yesterday, I felt that I learned more about the scientific methodology that helps us understand more about glaciers through the use of instruments such as the “spectrometer”, which measures albedo.  The weather was good until the end of the day when thick clouds rolled in and we returned to our lodge.  After a great day on the glacier, we returned back to the lodge and enjoyed a delicious lunch. Then after lunch, Ulyana and I worked on plotting some of the data that we collected on the glacier.

Ulyana taught me how to enter the data into a spreadsheet and also to understand the data and what it means. For the first time, I came to know about how much solar reflection affects snow versus ice or vegetation.  This makes me surprised to learn. I am really enjoying all that I am learning about such topics.  I was able to do some independent research while experimenting with the instruments they were teaching us about.  Tomorrow we will be on the glacier in the morning and learning new techniques, and then in the afternoon we will travel the town of Gokyo where I have been before.  It’s a very nice place and I am looking forward to returning there!


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