Pema: The Ice Wall

As usual we traveled with Ulyana and Sarah and their team to the glacial lakes near our lodge in Thangnag.  We spent just a few hours in the morning working on the glacier, which was great. I saw the glacier was covered by a thin layer of snow, which made it look like a field of snow, especially on the lakes. I had the opportunity to ask more questions to Ulyana about the scientific methodology that allows us to calculate the temperature, and how much the sun reflects on the glacier in different ways depending on the surface material.  We returned to the lodge for another delicious meal at the Chola Pass Resort and spent some time packing up.

After that we headed towards Gokyo, elevation 4790m.  On the way to Gokyo from Thagnag we crossed the Ngozumpa Glacier.  Along the way, we saw a massive ice wall which we were able to learn about from Ulyana and Sarah as it related to their research.  After almost two hours we reached to Gokyo just as the fog rolled in.  Tomorrow we are going to the Gokyo side of Ngozumpa Glacier to make some volume calculations and learn about Perched Lakes.



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