Ulyana: Triumphs and Trials

The past few days have seen their ups and downs.  The up side: a few days ago, we hiked to the top of the true Gokyo Ri via a lesser known route — more of a scrambling/climbing route than a hike up that trekkers usually take.  It was very steep and loose.  It literally took my breath away!  The views from the top were absolutely stunning!  We had a beautiful wind-free day at 18,000 ft.  We took lots of pictures and the last bits of filming were done here.  By far, my favorite day of the expedition.

The down side:  my time-lapse cameras from last summer caused quite a stir here, when a reporter filmed them a few weeks ago and claimed they were Chinese spy cameras.  I was only able to recover one of them (out of three).  The data loss is a loss not only to me, but to the community as well, so I hope I can recover them.  I am down at Namche now, where I spoke with the National Park Service, to smooth things over.  In addition, I just visited the World’s Highest Dental Clinic to fix a crown.  What a cool place!  I was proud to be able to support, in a small financial way, what they are doing for the locals here.  Now, my plan is to hire a horse back up to the glacier, so that I can save my strength a bit for the weeks ahead.


One thought on “Ulyana: Triumphs and Trials

  1. That’s the way to go Uly, horse back riding up to Gokyo, I would give anything to sit in Dole and see you ride in like a real cowgirl! Great to hear you fixed the tooth, hope all goes well with cameras, spectrometre tripand your research as well as the return to Boulder! Take care & we’ll stay in touch on FB/e-mail! Tommy

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