Final Thoughts – Sam

It’s hard to believe that a month has already gone by. I think back
over the past few weeks and so many different memories come to mind. I
will never forget the times paddling around lakes and through clouds,
on top of the longest glacier in the Himalaya. I will remember the
thought provoking conversations about climate change and the state of
glaciers around the world. I will remember trying new exotic meals and
unsuccessfully trying to learn little pieces of the Nepali language. I
will remember long days working with Ulyana and the feelings of
accomplishment that followed. I learned a heck of a lot about Nepali
culture, glaciers, and working as a field scientist. But above all, I
had a truly amazing experience with great people and feel deeply
grateful to be a part of this team. My time as a field assistant has
now come to an end but my time as a trekker in the Everest region
begins!  Big thanks to everyone who made this trip possible, especially
Ulyana Horodyskyj, Francis Rengers, and the Geology Department at the
University of Colorado.

Highs of the Trip:
Clouds clearing in Namche to reveal the snow covered peaks of the Himalaya.
Waking up at 6th lake after a snowy hike up and seeing Cho Oyu in the
morning sun.
Meeting wonderful people from all around the world at the different teahouses.
The duck race. (Of course)
Lunch breaks in the sun, listening and watching the ice melt and break.
Playing Backgammon with whoever was willing to play.

Lows of the Trip:
Food Poisoning
Dropping a piece of the dredge into the lake and watching bubbles
slowly rise to the surface.
Having to leave!


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