Leif Anderson

Leif is a PhD candidate at the University of Colorado, researching the debris-covered terminus of the Kennicott Glacier in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Alaska. His research links remote sensing techniques with field based measurements to explain the rapid ice loss occurring on debris-covered glaciers in Alaska. He is documenting the role of ice melt under the debris as well as the horizontal melt of ice faces on the Kennicott. This field season he will act as Ulyana’s field assistant and will measure the radiation on vertical ice faces on the Ngozumpa glacier to determine if certain (north or south facing) ice faces are more apt to survive over long periods of time. This is relevant because ice faces on debris-covered glaciers in the northern hemisphere are dominantly north facing. Leif also uses glacier models to estimate the relationship between former glacier extents and paleoclimate in the Western US.