Ulyana Horodyskyj

Ulyana is a PhD candidate at the University of Colorado Boulder, researching how supraglacial lakes on Himalayan debris-covered glaciers make the transition to proglacial calving front lakes. She will be leading the 2012 expedition. With the help of her team, she will use multiple field techniques to characterize the meteorological, limnological, and geophysical parameters responsible for lake deepening. She is excited to be working with a highly skilled and talented group and looks forward to the challenges ahead on the 6-week expedition.


Ulyana would like to thank the following individuals for their financial contributions via PetriDish.org:  Adrian Sheremeta, Roger Bilham, Jeff Daulton, Ben Diedrich, John A. Cassese, Arthur Few, Martin Schoernig, Vsev Horodyskyj, Lev Horodyskyj, Brian Smart, Ben Kibel, Joe Zamudio, Monika Siulyte, Diana L. Pope, John Pitzel, Lisa Harris, Rob Hoyt, Filip Balas, Bruce Raup, Mike Coryell, Tim Mathews and Rex McLachlin.