Pema Diki Sherpa

Pema Diki Sherpa is twenty-four years old and hails from the Dolakha district in the eastern part of Nepal.  Before joining the mountaineering community she worked in acupuncture clinic.  Her father is a trekking guide, and through him she came to know about an all-female expedition to Everest which she was able to join with nine other Nepali women.  Since that time she has been deeply involved in the field of professional mountaineering.  In 2008 she and her team successfully summited Mount Everest, 8848m.  Following that success, she and six other women from the team decided to climb the seven highest summits on all of the seven continents. In addition to Everest, they have conquered Kosciuszko, 2228m, in Australia and Elbrus, 5642m, in Europe.  To learn more about Pema’s team and to keep up with their adventures, please visit their website or Facebook page. They have also formed non-profit organization called Global Inclusive Adventure (GIA) of which Pema serves as secretary.

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