Dan Zietlow

Dan is a PhD candidate in Geophysics at the University of Colorado, Dan Zietlowwhere his current research focuses on utilizing seismic data to better characterize anisotropy in the mantle underlying the South Island of New Zealand. Using data recorded on both the New Zealand National Seismograph Network and a recent deployment by CU of ocean bottom seismometers, he aims to resolve the presently debated topic of whether seismic anisotropy under the South Island occurs in a diffuse region in the mantle lithosphere or a more localized zone that extends to the asthenosphere. While on Ngozumpa Glacier, Dan will serve as a field assistant and help with installing weather stations, collecting water samples, and operating ground penetrating radar. He is eager to apply his geophysical expertise in a new field area, as well as for the opportunity to work and travel in the Himalaya.

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